Eastside Kitchen & Bar

experimental – sustainable – local

The ever-growing Kensington Street culinary precinct in Chippendale welcomes one of Sydney’s newest restaurants to its fold, the Eastside Kitchen & Bar.

The team at Eastside deliver an urban and contemporary menu that is curious, experimental and whimsical. The source and sustainability of the ingredients plays an important role in creating the dishes and we take great pride in the preparation process.

the design

The historic Old Rum Store building has an industrial past and designer Chris Wilks from Giant Design seized this fact when planning the layout of Eastside Kitchen & Bar.

Existing exposed brick walls were retained as well as the statement arched windows overlooking Kensington Street.

Dark, sexy and theatrical, the restaurant features a leather paneled-bar with bronze back bar display. A custom brass light fixture, a runway of herringbone flooring and an assortment of steel and leather chairs, marrying the existing raw structure of this 100 year old building.

However, it is the ten meter stretch on either side of the bar that is most likely to catch the eye. This is where a gargantuan mural by Belgian-born graffiti artist Caratoes sits.

“The interior design is reflective of the warehouse-style restaurant spaces found in Brooklyn and the Meatpacking District and the name stems from New York being on the east coast of the US and the fact the restaurant is located on the east side of Kensington Street. Eastside Kitchen & Bar is a homage to two of my favorite places to visit and provides another first-rate dining experience in Chippendale.”

– Dr. Stanley Quek, Greencliff Executive Chairman